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The Bükk is our country's first highland- national park. It didn't get this favoured title, without reason, in every season, the visitors of the mountain are dazzled with the wonders of the nature. The most favoured point of the Bükk for vacations and organising forest-schools, forest-kindergardens, is Szilvásvárad, and the here starting Szalajka-valley.

This little introduction with a start from Szilvásvárad, leads the kids and the tourist into the wonders of the nature.

Szilvásvárad has a tradition going back to decades in child-vacationing,and is among the first ones in forest-school and forest-kindergarden organising. The surrounding is optional, as all the natural and human-built values can be found here. It is ideal for studying the stones, the water, the air, the flora and fauna. It is advnageous from social views too, as it has been habited since the prehistoric times. (Prehistoric-man's cave at Istállóskő). Several historic monuments and monument-like buildings can bee visited in Szilvásvárad and the surroundings.

Szilvásvárad is the home of the Hungarian Lipicai Stud. This is an ideal opportunity for children, to develop a realtion with the animals and horses. The wild animal Display, where wild animals are presented, and the trout-ponds, where this noble fish can be followed from the breednig to the smouldreing, helpes the cognition of the animals too. During our programmes the children can meet with not just wild animals, but also get a look in farm-life and become acquainted with domestic animals too.

The offerings of the programm is really wide, and the help of local experts are provided too.

Heraing the word "Szilvásvárad". There's only a few one, to whom not the childhood memories came in mind at first. This prooves the fact, that Szilvásvárad has an accentuated significance and tradition in children vacationing. With this little introduction I would like to help discovering the utmost of the land's values. I would also like to help in makeing the process of cognition experience-like.

Here, the man-built surroundings are still in harmony with the natural surrounding. We can see, how the habitants life cohere with the endowment of the nature in architecture, professions, and in life-style too. In my plans, I offer programmes to schools, kindergardens, tourists, families, in which they can become a part of the unmitigated, pure nature.

Urgeing to the love and the protection of the enviroment may seem a selfless profession, while its' our own interest to save the humanity-what is also a part of nature- from the "revenge" of nature, to make the Earth a nice, healthy home to our children and granchildren too. It is not a secret, that my purpose is that getting to know the land, the people living here, and the ones who are visiting, will act responsibly, and they will buld in the enviroment-consious behaving in their everyday life too.

Dániel Bíró
Institut leader

"Can we find a way out of this serious sitation? I want to believe that yes! But for this, a new generation should grow up on the whole Earth. A new generation, that breaks with the enviroment destructive traditions of the past, that spares and protects the reamining natural values of the Earth.And for the raising and making responsible ones of this new generation, the old generation should make desperate efforts. The enviroment and surrounding shapeing contructive force, should be made up from the constatly growing youth of the Earth, that will use all the human minds' forces to protect and heal the "blue planet"."

(János Balogh)

Errand declaration

The primary aim of the Lipicai Forest-school and Kindergarden is first of all to develop the enviroment-consious behaviour, the teaching of proper conduct and nurtureing the children- and through them the whole society- into living a virtuous human life.

We endeavor for a behaviour opened for culture, through the experience-based appreciation of the values. The united experience helps the enrichment of self-and human recognision, the getting used to organised working. We achieve this with the developing of positive feelings, towards our natural and social surroundings, and with the expansion of action and decision abilities.

Our programmes start from local specialities than flare out to global problems. Our constitution endeavors to give an opportunity for the groups to choose, so both the exigent and the children with modest financial possibilities can take part in our forst-school and forest-kindergarden programmes.

Our strategy

We plan the developement of our accomodations with the observance of different demands, we endeavor to use natural materilas, and enviroment protecing technologies, so we can give an example with this too, in becomeing consious of the possibilities of enviroment-consious life style.

Description of the campsite

The Lipicai Hotel and tourist-house specialized in children groups, forest-schools, forest-kindergardens, summer camps, schooltrips organisations, primarily. A breezy, cheerfull young gruop with great experience is waiting for the little tourists. The hotel and the tourist-house takes place in the center of Szilvásvárad, from 2 minutes walk from the enterance of Szalajka-valley.

In our restaurant, the eating of vegetarians and flour-sensitive people is solvable.

Every service can be found nearby, bus and train station, shop, post office, medical office ect.


For the whole year


80+48 person

Accomodation type:

Hotel (stone building) Tourist-house (wood building)


Hotel: 80 person- in rooms with 2,3,4,5, beds
Tourist-house: 48 person- in rooms with 2,4,6 beds, and a roo with 20 bed (iron bunk beds)


Train: from Budapest with a transfer at Eger
Bus: direct line from Budapest

Common room:

80+50 person restaurant
20 person lounge

Contact person:

Dániel Bíró

Our aim is, that every primary school children should, at least once, get to a forest-school, of which one of the most favourite place is the beauteous, fresh aired Szilvásvárad.

For the sake of this, we wait our guest with fair prices, up to par services, and before all, with great love, little and bigger ones too (primary schools, high-schools, colleges, foster homes, kindergardens ect.).

Here learning is a game!


Dear teachers, camp organisers!

We gladly help inviting applications. We give ideals, to organise your forest-school camp with the least expenses, and the best programme combinations.

With winning applications, the schools can gain allowance, that makes the parents' charge much lower.


About Szilvásvárad

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