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The services of our hotels are colored with the programmes, programme-packs that we offer.

We would like to contribute to the enjoyable staying of our guest, with an offering a wide variety of programmes.

Cauldron party or garden grill possibility

A prefered time spending is to light a fire in the garden, sit around it, and grill all kinds of foods under on the fresh air. Between friend, drinking good wines, than later singing... can't get tired of it.

Village walk

Sights: Orbán house, The Reformed round temple, Pallavicini manor, Lipicai Museum, Horse cemetery.

By desire, the Prison-museum, the Lipicai stud-farm, and the Carriage Museum can be seen too.

Estimated time: 3-3.5 hours, distance: 3km

Szalajka-valley tour

The Szalajka-valley tour starts with taking the small-railway. The train goes untill the Gloriett glade. From here the Prehistoric-mans' Cave can be reached on foot. The way back is a little tour, takeing a look at the Szalajka-spring, the Veil-waterfall, the Open-air Forest Museum, the Rock-spring, go pass the Trout-ponds, than the upcomeing Guardian of the Charpatheans statue. They can choose to see the Forestry Museum, than meet the Wild-animal Display, than return to Szilvásvárad.
(4 hours)

Millenium Pathway tour

The Pathway is a tourist line, on witch boards are placed. These boards show the specific geological, biological pecularityies of the Bükk-mountain (rocks, climate, zoology and flora etc.).

The destination is the Millenium Look-out, from what spectacle view opens infront of the tourist.
(3-4 hours)

Land Rover tour to the Millennium Look-out

The Land Rover starts from the hotel parking, then we travel to the mountains on a steep road.

The destination is the Millenium Look-out, from what spectacle view opens infront of the tourist.

Vault-visiting on the Szilvásváradi vault-line

During the programme, we can sample a local grower's home-pálinka, and 9-10 kind excellent szilvásváradi wine.

On a hot summer day, it feels really good, to pass time in the cool vault, but it is not a despiseable experience in the frosty winter either, when the cordial drink runs through the cold body, and the drinking of the full wines have favourable physiological effects.


This extreeme rope-way system can be found above the rapid Szalajka-stream, in a wonderfull natural surrounding, available for everyone. At a 5-6 meters hight, platforms are fixed on the trunks of the trees, one can move on them with the help of wireropes, blocks, rope nooses. Along with ones own skills and bravery, carabiners and wormgears help to surmount the hitches.

For the breaver ones, the Adrenalin-field is available.

Flying fox

The slidingfield, made from 6 parts is a novelty, where the participants task is "just" to reste their wormgears from one slidingfield to another.

Before the actions, an accident-protecting and a usage course is held. We continously coordinate all the participants. Pictogramms are placed before every hitch, to help the understanding of the task.

Horse riding

For begginers with lunge, for experienced and professionals a seperate riding in the romantic scenery of the Bükk.

The lipicai horses are perfect for the local land, calm, they take the relatively hard land's hitches, well. They take safely our guest riders, who don't know these grounds. They are excellent for begginers and children and for adult, experienced riders too.


With double carriages, on the wonderfull lands of Szilvásvárad and the Bükk National Park.

A real relaxing, calm getting away from it all.

Equestrial Display

The lipicai horse in the serve of the kings and queens age, was used, to raise the splendaur. The barroquean outlook, the immaculate white appear, unique for this species, gives a memorable experience for the present days' man too.

The items are escorted with back ground music, the guests are informed in Hungarian and German. We can give microphone for the touristguides, who are leading a group in another language.

The displays don't have fix time-table, if it is desired, the time should be fixed advanced! We recommend it to groups, companies.

Trout-grilling in Szalajka-valley

A local touristguide waits for our guest in Szilvásvárad at the station of the Szalajka-valley small- railway.

Our guests arrive after 20 minutes travel with train, to the destination of the railway, where between the wonderfull surroundings of the Gloriett glade, our collegues are waiting them with welcome pálinka.

After the welcome drinks, we shortly inform our guests about the craft of the open-fired trout grilling, than they recieve skewered trouts and bards, and grill the lunch ready for themselves, in which our collegues will help of course. Next to the grilled trouts, we offer fresh salad, bread, after the lunch as dessert, fruits are served.

During the programme our guests can sample wine, kettled from barrels, without limit. The braver ones can try the highest way of sampleing, they can drink the outstanding wine of Eger, the Egri Leányka from the kettle itself.

The programme finishes with a walk in Szalajka-valley during which the tourists can look at the wonderfull sights of the valley: The Veil-waterfall, the Open-air Forest Museum, The Rock-spring and the Trout-ponds.

Stud-farm visiting with carriage

We organised our programmes in cooperation with the State Stud-farm Society, based on 10 years experiences. In our country, Szilvásvárad gives home to the world-famous lipicai horse that has a 400 years old history. From our equestrian programmes, the visiting with a carriege gives, the utter view of the lipicai horses of szilvásvárads' past, present, and the role in the equestrian sports. The visitors are waited in the parking of the Roofed Riding-school, at the enterance of Szalajka-valley, by tourist quides and double carriages. Here they get on the carriages, and drive to the equerry of margrave Pallavicini, where nowday the most beautifull father animals of the stud got place. With the visiting of the exhibition next to it, the visitors can get to know the species past, the short storie of their breeding in Hungary, and the role played in the equestrian sports. The programme continues with the inspection of the freely pasturing stud, where our guest can see 100-130 horses at close quarters: the mother-animals, and the foals born in that year. From the tourist guides they will get information of the foal's rasinig, their everyday life, and of the horse-kindergarden that can be found in the Bükk. After the inspection of the stud-farm, our guests are driven back to the starting point, the parking next to the Roofed-riding school.

Night courage-tour

Playfully frightening nightly walking in the depth of the dark forest. The "sounds" of the silence, the sounds of the wild animals. Mythical, exciting programme, during which the group arrives at a look-out, from what the village of Szilvásvárad can be seen glowing in the lights of the night.


In the center of Szilvásvárad, behind a monument-like building, a permanent archery-field was built for the sake of the archery lovers, in a romantic garden. We hold sepperate courses for begginers and children. We provide bows. The display of ancient archery methods, and hunting techniques.

Creative handy-craft occupations

One can choose from 31 different kind of handy-crafts

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The first part of the programme is a presentation, during which we speak of the prehistoric culture and the history of the area. We make the presentation more interesting with reproductions and replicas of the fossils, pictures and visual aids. (1-1.5 hours)

In the second part of the occupation, some of the articles can be tested; grinding, weaveing, fire lighting, stone flicking, spear throwing. (depends on the participating number:1-2hours)

At the end, the participators can make prehistoric equipments for themselves eg: stone-axe, stone-spear, stone.knife, arrow with stone tip, or stone edged sickle.

Bicycle renting

For those who love to ride a bicycle, we can provide adult and child mountain bikes, in cooperation with the szilvásváradi bicycle-lender.

We gladly help in choosing the tour-road too.


For children groups. The programm is free, but please bring Cd-s that the children like. If you can get hold of a karaoke equipment, than of course we can make the night more enjoyable with it.

Relic-hunting in Szilvásvárad

The game Relic-hunting in Szilvásvárad is unique in Hungary. With the preparations,it can go on for a whole day during which a special provenance should be found, with the help of "old" documents. Fantastic team-building game.

Flexible for personal requires, for shorter time and distance too.
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According to appointment.

We have a holistic, approved, 5 days forest-scholl programme.

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