Szilvásvárad lays on the western side of the Bükk-mountain at a 345m above sea level hight, 31 kilometers from Eger. It can be reached by railway and highway too. The number of the inhabitants is 1600 persons. The administrational territory of the village is 3780 acre( inner territory: 180 acre, periphery: 3600 acre).

From its monuments the most significant ones are the snow-white round reformed temple, which was built around 1825, in classic style based, on the designs of Ferenc Povoli. The Orbán- house which is a nice legacy of the folk architecture, old village home. Present-days the inside is a museum. The family manor of the Pallavicini operates as a hotel these days. Near the manor, the base-stud can be found, where after admireing the stallion, we can get to know the history of the lipicai horses in a small museum. From the 1950's Szilvásvárad is the home of the lipicai horse-breeding. The lipicai horses bred here, reach an outstanding sport results in Hungarian and international coach-driving.


Szilvásvárad is an international holiday resort since 1971, but it become real wellknown with the organising of the VII'th Coach-driving World Championship in 1984. The Lipicai Equastrian festival is organised in every summer, when a national and international field sets out on the coach-driving races. The race is organised on three following days. The festival is accompanied with spectacular musical and cultural events.

The famous artists of the village are the Zsóka Debreceni and Zoltán Pelcz pair. They design and shape together their figural archaic ceramic sculptures. Several award and exhibition proove their talent, and advertise their choosen abode.

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